After 4 years on the market, we've taken all the feedback from our distributors and clients, and we've used it to develop our new rotary, the Z3.

We've taken the things that make the S and F Power models great: customization, toughness and aesthetic, and we've improved the ergonomy and hygiene.
Now you can choose the finish of the back and front piece, change the bar easier and cover the excetric in a more efficent way.

The Z3 is our newest rotary proposal, improving all the good things we had, and adding new elements.

PRECIO: 500€

Taxes not included.

New Zero-G Excentric.​
The new excentric presents a stroke of 3.8mm and has a renewed design, with bigger bearings giving it more durability, the Zero-G design adapts to the bigger size of the bearings with a brass excentric that mantaint it's stability.

With this component we balance the power of our motor, getting rid of the vibration, and giving the artist stability and precision that allows to make the most of all the characteristics of our rotary.

The materials that compose the machine, give it lightness and durability, it's also easily changeable for the double stroke excentric.
New Twist-Bar
The new twist-bar is longer and more flexible, it comes also with a more robust bar and with a system that makes it easier to change between bars.

This new Twist-Bar gives more comfort and control over the stroke getting rid of most of the vibration of the rotary, and it’s spiral design gives back the strength to the needle.

In adition, changing the rigid bar has never been easier, you just have to unscrew the twist-bar, and change it for the rigid acetal piece, in case you want to feel more the hit and get a higher intensity.
Customized brushless maxon motor with sensors
With a range from 9V to 14V.

Equiped with an integrated circuit and pressure sensors, this motor adapts the high quality and technology of maxon specially for the Z3. This motor works with a magnetic field, making it work without friction giving it more quality and durability.

The sensor makes the power stable and precise, adjusting it to the artist’s pressure and allowing a reliable control of the machine.
PPS Chasis
(with mineral charge and fiberglass).
PPS is a reinforced material with mineral charge and fiberglass. Highly resistant to hits and high temperatures, the perfect substitute of aluminum maintaining the properties and increasing the customization capabilities, allowing a wide range of colors.

Along this central chasis, available in opaque and clear finish, tinted and in various colors we have the front and back of ABS with Policarbonate.

This material gives lightness and toughness. Both pieces and the whole screws is from steel for more hygiene and resistance.


Hemos mantenido todo lo que hacía grandes nuestras rotativas, y hemos añadido nuevos elementos, con una tapa que cubre la polea para mayor higiene y resistencia, una twist-bar y excéntrica mejoradas, y un chasis reforzado y customizadodisponible en 6 colores con dos acabados (transparente y mate) y una segunda excéntrica de doble recorrido incluida.

Z-3 Colors.

Clear Black Mate
Clear Cosmos Copper
Clear Oriental Blue
Clear Green Poison
Clear Custom Pink
Clear Thunder Sun
Opaque Black Mate
Opaque Cosmos Copper
Opaque Oriental Blue
Opaque Green Poison
Opaque Custom Pink
Opaque Thunder Sun
Red Crystal
Orange Crystal
Yellow Crystal
Green Crystal
Pink Crystal
Purple Crystal
Blue Crystal