Customize and upgrade your rotary, renew pieces, and get the perfect accessory for your machine. All accesories are made with the best components, and designed for the highest quality.


Upgrade your Power rotary with our Twist-Bar for a softer hit, and less vibration. Made with acetal and a spiral design, it absorbs the vibration from the hit, and pushes it back without powerloss.
PRICE: 16€


For a correct lubrication of the grip, our machines do not need lube, however, a couple of drops on the grip can help reduce the noise, and make your rotary last longer.


For the maintenance and customization of your rotary, with this keys you can change the twist-bar and excentric, appart from opening the front of the Z3. This set works for all our rotaries.


Our stainless steel grip is aesthetic and made from the best materials making it the perfect compliment for all kind of rotaries.

·Chasis from stainless steel.
Wich gives great strength and resistance, letting also be sanitized and cleaned by autoclave.

·Graduable anti-rotation system.
A quay mechanism adjusts the grip in a secure and precise way, blocking firmly the stroke. It also presents a wider range of stroke than other grips.

·Aluminium adapter with an acetal clamp.
Included with the grip, universal for all machines thanks to the acetal clamp that fixes it firmly to the thread, along with the aluminium adapter.

·170 grams.
This centers the precision on the needle, and takes part of the strenght the artist has to apply to tattoo long hours, reducing the fatigue of the artist and letting it maintain precision and control.
PRICE: 155€


Renew the excentric of your rotary, or vary the stroke between 2.8, 3.2 (included with the rotary) and 3.8. Our excentrics are the result of years investigating materials and designs. The Zero-G balances the hit of our motors to pass the power of the motor with stability and precision, letting it eliminate the vibration for more control.
PRICE: 30€


Our Zero-G redesigned for the Z3, with a 3.6 stroke and made of aluminium brass, this excentric is light and balanced for the power of our new rotary, getting rid of the noise and vibration. Unlike the classic excentric, this one has bigger bearings, this gives it more durability, and the brass piece is bigger, giving the hit more strenght. It's also available in two anodized colors, black and red.
PRICE: 45€


The classic Twist-Bar adapted and upgraded for our new rotary, the Z3.
With a thicker and shorter bar, wider acetal piece for a best absortion of the hit, and a thread that makes it easier to change from twist-bar to rigid bar.
PRICE: 16€


Made with aluminium and an acetal clamp for a tighter grip.
The triforce adapter works for any kind of grip, the design is more ergonomic, and cover completely the thread, it's also available in four anodized colors.
PRICE: 25€


This grip is specially designed for the iPad pencil, it gives two width variations appart from the standard pencil widht, and the chance of using it as a pencil holder. Just twist it to tighten it up and lock it on the desired position. Unscrew it and pull it off to put it on the other width.
PRICE: 30€